Welcome to Bunzl Outsourcing Services

Bunzl Outsourcing Services is a specialist distribution group supplying everyday essentials for our customers to operate their businesses. We are successful because we understand our customers needs and deliver products when and where they need them. 

Within Bunzl Outsourcing, our comprehensive product range is targeted towards meeting the needs of customers within the following sectors; Contract Cleaning, Food Processors, Healthcare, Hotel & Catering , Industrial, Redistribution, Retail & Safety. Our customers have access to market leading brands including both internationally and locally sourced quality products. These products meet our customers' requirements within the following broad categories of; Food Service, Hygiene & Cleaning, Guest Amenities, Healthcare, Safety and Tapes & Packaging. This catalogue showcases the extensive range of products available for purchase and enables our customers to efficiently select the right products required for their businesses.

Bunzl Profile

BOS is owned by Bunzl plc, a publicly listed company with its head office in the UK. Bunzl is active in 23 countries with more than 13, 000 employees working from over 240 distribution centres. 

We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of market leading brands and compliment these with our own brands and alternative high quality products from our global sourcing operation. We are successful because we take the time to understand customer's needs then tailor make a supple solution to meet their requirement.

Our Business Model

Our business model offers significant benefits to both customers and suppliers. We source our products internationally, working with leading international brands as well as local suppliers, to ensure that our customers have access to the best and most suitable products to meet their needs.

By outsourcing the purchasing, consolidation and distribution of a broad-range of non-food consumable products, our customers are able to focus on their core business as well as achieving significant purchasing efficiency, freeing up working capital and simplifying their internal administration.