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Trenton International is a manufacturer of table, dinnerware & glassware for the hospitality & catering industry. Their stylish ranges of commercial grade cutlery, crockery & glasses includes quality plates, bowls, platters and more. Cake stands, souffle dishes, sauce bottles, wine coolers & buckets, food baskets & card holders all help dress elegant dining tables. Leading global brands such as Libbey, Zuma, Moda & Art De Cuisine can elevate the presentation & mood of your hotel, bar, club, cafe or restaurant. 

Trenton mix and match pieces make any dining experience colourful

The Bevande Range

With Bevande's wide range of high-quality mix and match pieces, you can make any dining experience colourful, comfortable and stylish.

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Tableware that creates social, shared dining experiences. Trenton available to buy from Bunzl online store.

Perfect Patties

Australia's love affair with the hamburger has hit new heights. Gourmet burgers in the digital age.

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The food service industry has discovered that Instagram is a powerful visual platform

Instagrammable Cocktails

Transform your bar or restaurant into a booming hotspot. Leverage the power of social media sharing.

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Libbey Glassware, available to order online from the Bunzl shop.

A Winning Mix

The beauty of cocktails lies in how they look and how they taste. Libbey glassware compliments any drink.

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Cappuccino Cup Apricot 200mL product photo
Cappuccino Cup Apricot 200mL
SKU: TI978252
Intorno Cappuccino Tea Cup Mist 200mL product photo
Intorno Cappuccino Tea Cup Mist 200mL
SKU: TI978363
Saucer Slate 120Mm product photo
Saucer Slate 120Mm
SKU: TI978394
Intorno Creamer Mist 100mL product photo
Intorno Creamer Mist 100mL
SKU: TI978513
Intorno Espresso Cup Slate 75mL product photo
Intorno Espresso Cup Slate 75mL
SKU: TI978024
Greaseproof Paper Fresh 190x310mm product photo
Greaseproof Paper Fresh 190x310mm
SKU: TI74210
PK OF 200
Double Rocks Glass product photo
Double Rocks Glass
SKU: LB925500
CT OF 12
Speakeasy Champagne Coupe Saucer Glass 245mL product photo
Speakeasy Champagne Coupe Saucer Glass 245mL
SKU: LB601602
CT OF 12
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